Aimee McCallum (11th – 17th May 2020)

“I am a recent graduate from the University of Cumbria, studying Fine Art. I was awarded the artist in resident position at the university until the end of April, but of course came to a sudden end. My practice is in the medium of performance art, which I use to explore an alien sex utopia to playfully challenge the concepts of gender and sexuality. The utopia created is designed within a specific aesthetic that contrasts the aggressive, patriarchal and heteronormative view of sex that is portrayed through porn and the media with a bright and pastel colour palette and genderless characters. The perfection of porn and concept of an ideal is encouraged through pristine materials such as plastic, and laser cutting wood, but juxtaposed with papier-mâchè and cardboard to make the ideal reachable to the working class.

My practice aims to challenge societal norms of sex, gender, borders and children’s knowledge of identity. To explore the themes of borders and binaries, the performances often begin before the audience arrive to enhance the reality of the characters in their environment, but the audience hesitate to approach the environment while the performance is taking place due to the invisible barrier, so there is always a portion of time allowed for the audience to enter the environment although they are welcome at any time.”

As part of her takeover Aimee did a colour challenge each day – so basically each person to get involved had to include the chosen colour of the day within their work in a way that they saw fit.

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