Our Purpose

The hubCAP Gallery is an events organisation and art gallery led by a team of student artists. Based at the heart of Edinburgh College’s Granton Campus, the organisation was founded in 2019 by nine first and second-year students from the CAP course. Ever since, we have been providing a platform for artists of all kinds through a varied programme of exhibitions, events, and publications! In doing this, we aim to foster dialogue, learning, and community engagement.

Meet Our Team!

Our chief objective here at hubCAP is to create opportunities for emerging creatives. In keeping with this principle, the committee that runs the gallery rotates each year. Every school year, new HND Contemporary Art Practice (CAP) students are presented with the opportunity to become a part of the committee. If you would like to learn more about our committee members and what they’re up to, check out the ‘Committees’ pages!

Our Current Committee…

Committee of 2023/24: Bea Makan, Margaret Susan Botchway Lopez, Nisha Hallberg and Seth Jorge Rodrigues

Past Committees

  • Committee of 2022/23: Izi Avison, James Byrne, Chloe McHardy, Jagoda Zwiernik, Bea Makan, Margaret Susan Botchway Lopez, Nisha Hallberg and Seth Jorge Rodrigues
  • Committee of 2021/22: Izi Avison, Vera Bartolozzi, James Byrne, Chloe McHardy, Tammy McMaster and Jagoda Zwiernik
  • Committee of 2020/21: Vera Bartolozzi, Stuart Doyle, Calum Martin, Brooke Milliken, Tammy McMaster and Thea Murphy
  • Committee of 2019 – 20: Astrid Batts, Stuart Doyle, Molly Jack, Calum Martin, Cameron Mellors, Brooke Milliken, Alexandra Murray, Rachel Watson and Nicole Webberley

How To Support Us

Support us in our mission by engaging with the artists exhibited, checking out our social media (featured below), or donating through the QR code at the bottom of this page!

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