Charlotte Hicks (5th April – 11th April)

Charlotte is a British contemporary artist, currently living and working from her studio in London. Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2019, her approach to painting has been multi-faceted. As a result of her passion for women’s craft and it’s cultural history, Charlotte constantly explores new ways of working by learning and incorporating many different sewing and craft techniques into her practice.

Her work has been exhibited in a variety of group shows since 2019, notably the Orbit UK Art Graduates 2019 physical show in OXO Bargehouse in London, and Marram Arts online show ‘Resonate Strangeness” in December 2020. In November of last year, Charlotte worked alongside art platform ‘Art Thou’ to present her first online solo exhibition “EGG WOKE”.

‘Charlotte’s practice centres around ideas of voyeurism and the male gaze; more specifically, the pervasiveness of sexualised imagery of women in contemporary media. The “Faceless Woman” is a key feature of her current body of work, which she explores through reinterpreting the many examples of female decapitation, found on Hollywood film posters, album covers and on social media platforms, through her own gaze.

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